Training & Development

We recognise that training and developing our workforce is essential in fulfilling our business objectives. With low attrition rate, we continue to equip our talent pool with the necessary skills needed.

Training & Development

Training and Development activities in Gas Malaysia are guided by the following principles:

  • Improve, implement and maintain a comprehensive training and development plan, which will be administered in a professional manner.
  • Continuously encouraging the systematic upgrading of our employees skills, knowledge and competencies, through training and development programmes, beneficial for both the employee and the organisation.
  • Providing equal opportunities to all employees to be trained and developed in line with the overall needs and performance requirements of the organisation and the individual.
  • Establishing training initiatives in line with regulatory requirements in accordance with the Gas Supply Act 1993, as well as other related Malaysian acts.
  • Developing and implementing training and development programmes to enhance good management practices in meeting the objectives of the company.

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