About Gas Malaysia Virtual Pipeline Sdn Bhd

Gas Malaysia Virtual Pipeline Sdn Bhd (”GMVP”) was incorporated on 21 October
2014, aimed at supplying compressed natural gas to customers that are currently not
served by the NGDS network.

About Gas Malaysia Virtual Pipeline Sdn Bhd

Virtual Pipeline

GMVP business model addresses the complete value chain of mobile gas solutions:
from processing of gas into Compressed Natural Gas (”CNG”), to its transportation
and distribution to a wider end user.

GMVP will purchase gas from Gas Malaysia and transport the CNG to customers
who are remotely located from the gas pipeline. In the process, GMVP will maintain
and operate the compression unit, transportation unit and pressure regulating unit,
which is the three key components of the Virtual Pipeline.

Benefits of Virtual pipeline

Virtual Pipeline is the preferred Energy Solution due to the following;

  1. Cheaper fuel compared to diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, medium fuel oil or light fuel oil.
  2. Environmentally friendly as natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels. Customers can both reduce their energy costs and their Carbon Dioxide emission.


Application of Virtual Pipeline

GMVP aim is to develop turnkey infrastructures to deliver natural gas to areas that
are not accessible by Gas Malaysia’s NGDS network.

Virtual Pipeline System


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