About Your Bills

“ At Gas Malaysia, we have designed our bills to be as simple as possible, with the main objectives of making it concise and comprehensible. ”

How We've Made Your Bills Easy To Understand


Billing Period & Terms Of Payment

  • Natural Gas and LPG residential customers are billed once every two or three months. Commercial and industrial customers are billed monthly for both Natural Gas and LPG.
  • Payments have to be settled within 25 days from the billing date as specified on the gas bill.

Bill Estimations

An estimated bill will be issued based on your average usage, if the meter reader is not able to access your meter. Customers are required to provide Gas Malaysia with the exact meter reading upon receiving the estimate card to avoid incorrect billing.

Misplaced Your Bill?

We can regenerate a copy of your bill, if it has been misplaced. It can be obtained from our Kuala Lumpur branch office in which customers are required to provide Gas Malaysia with a copy of a previous bill or an account number for reference purposes.

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